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Cooking, The Leidenfrost Effect, and Molten Lead

Un freaking believable!

So Kottke just pointed over to this article about using the Leidenfrost Effect to objectively show when your stainless steel cookwark is hot enough to prevent sticking and why it needs to be that hot in the first place. I tried it out last night and not only is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen when the water instantly balls up and starts flying around the pan like crazy, but it actually worked (cooked up some peppers and onions for burritos… so good).

Then, he follows it up with a link to this video of the guys at Myth Busters sticking their hands into molten lead using the same Leidenfrost Effect to ensure that they don’t burn their hands off.

See it for yourself. The video automatically jumps to the right time.

/me shakes head in amazement.